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1. Booking and payment:

Any bookings made with Jennifer Thoburn Photography must be secured with a deposit of £40 and be paid within 5 working days of making the provisional booking. The balance must be paid 24 hours before the photo shoot, or a pre-arranged cash payment will be accepted at the photo shoot.


2. Refunds and rescheduling:

Any payments made to Jennifer Thoburn Photography are non-refundable unless for any reason I am forced to cancel your photo shoot and cannot rearrange it for a time and date that suits you, in which case, payments will be refunded in full. Jennifer Thoburn Photography will make all reasonable efforts to get to the photo shoot.

If illness occurs and you are unable to attend your photo shoot, rescheduling will be done at no additional cost. I ask that you inform me as soon as possible before the photo shoot. If i am notified within 3 hours of the photo shoot commencing, your deposit may be lost.

Bad weather may mean that a photo shoot cannot go ahead. If this happens then Jennifer Thoburn Photography will contact the client and agree a course of action. This could be rescheduling for when the weather is fine or cancelling the photo shoot. Please note that any deposits paid will not be refundable if cancelling due to bad weather.


 3. During the Photo Shoot:

The duration of the photo shoot will depend on which package you have purchased and will run to the specified time frame unless pre-agreed with the client to shorten or extend the duration. The photo shoot will not end early unless it is agreed between us that it is the best option due to rain or the child becoming upset or not wanting to participate. If you agree to end a shoot early then you agree that, unless otherwise specified by myself at the time, it will not be rearranged.

The safety of children during the photo shoot ,and their behaviour, is solely the responsibility of the parents/guardians. Jennifer Thoburn Photography is in no way responsible for any accidents during the photo shoot. 

4. Supplying Photographs:

The number of photographs provided will depend on the package purchased and is specified within the package details at the time of booking. Jennifer Thoburn Photography will select these from the many images taken on the day and will have the final decision on which images are provided. Should you require specific images this should be clearly discussed before or during the photo shoot and will rely on all members of the party cooperating during the photo shoot. Jennifer Thoburn Photography will endeavour to get the images your require. Jennifer Thoburn Photography is under no obligation to provide you with any of the unselected photos from the photo shoot.

Should Jennifer Thoburn Photography be unable to provide the minimum number of photographs then a refund will be provided of £3 per photograph under the minimum requirement. 

All images will be edited carefully and individually by Jennifer Thoburn Photography before being made available to you.

The edited photographs will be made available to you in digital format only. Jennifer Thoburn Photography will email a link to a private password protected online gallery where the images can be viewed and downloaded. This link will be valid for at least 30 days. A print release is issued for you to obtain unlimited prints of these in any format that you choose, for yourself, family and friends’ personal, non-commercial, use.

5. Use of the Photographs:

Copyright of all images belongs solely to Jennifer Thoburn Photography. The photographs provided to you have a print release which entitles you to unlimited non-commercial use of the high resolution photos with the following exclusion. By agreeing to this booking and these terms and conditions you agree that Jennifer Thoburn Photography may use the photographs to promote the business unless otherwise agreed. Vicki Andrews Photography will always seek permission to use images to promote business via social media or website and will refrain from doing so if the client wishes. If it has not been agreed by the client and Jennifer Thoburn Photography once all images have been provided to the client, Jennifer Thoburn Photography automatically has the rights to use the images to promote business.

Jennifer Thoburn Photography will never sell the images to a third party or allow a third party to use them without your consent.

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